Membership Committee Update
The 2015/16 Membership Committee is coming together.  Over the next year the Membership Committee will be focusing  on the following in an effort to retain members, continue to connect with the community and obtain new members that have a strong interest in serving:
The Sunshine Committee that was started under President Shroff and Membership Chair Maya will make sure to keep contact with our members that may be sick or are not able to be with us for weekly luncheons due to work and/or family.  We want to make sure that members are aware that the club cares about each one of us and want to be a resource if that is needed.   This is not about nagging members that can’t make meetings but letting them know the club is thinking of them.   
The Sunshine Committee will be headed up by Chris Brosterhous along with MaryAnn Somerville.  
Rotary Connects
We will continue to focus on connecting with various parts of the community.  Over the past couple of years our club has conducted evening meetings where we invite business and civic leaders creating an atmosphere of networking and getting to know each other.  Our hope is to create partnerships with these groups and individuals so we can be a resource or use resources in an effort to assist those in need.  As an aside we may obtain new members (which we have) that see that we bring real value to the community.  
We are working on changing the format of the Rotary Connects get togethers in order to keep it fresh.  Ideas we are considering including using our connections to obtain a high quality speaker i.e. Major Business Leader to give a brief talk (maybe 15 minutes) while creating an atmosphere of open discussion on the subject presented.  We are always looking for new ideas so please share!  
Bring a Guest Day
The Membership Committee has recommended to the Board to drop Bring a Guest Day for this year.  The board agreed.  Reasoning is there is a lot of work that goes into this event (behind the scenes) with minimal value.  Only a handful of Rotarians bring a guest which is not creating new members.  We hope to focus our attention on retention and connecting.  
The Membership Committee is made up of the following members:
Glen Rojas - Chair
Chris Brosterhous - Sunshine Chair 
Mary Ann Somerville 
Daisey Blake 
Jeff Pierce 
We are always looking for committee members (the more the higher value) so if you are interested in helping out even if it is for one project like Rotary Connects please let me know.  

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