Jul 17, 2024
Annette King
Discover the power of storytelling in sparking social impact

Are you interested in learning about impactful storytelling? Or are you intrigued by the power of documentaries in enacting social change? Palo Alto local Annette King, founder of Splicer Films, a social impact production company aiming to spark positive action worldwide, will be joining us to share an alternative pathway for service: impact filmmaking. Her journey as an impact producer began during the pandemic when her journalistic background inspired her to uplift diverse stories of purpose. Through her team of international reach, she aims to spotlight the changemakers, leaders, and beacons of hope who are transforming their communities with the most humane tool of all – compassion. Rotary Club members will be able to listen to this powerful testimony and view a screening of Splicer Film’s recent documentary short, A Divine Journey, the motivational story of Divine Mugisha, a young refugee advocating to provide education access and mental health resources to displaced people at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. Please join us for this uplifting talk about the power of storytelling to ignite social action. 


Learn more below:

A Divine Journey Website 

A Divine Journey Trailer