Jul 17, 2019 12:00 PM
Lesley Martin, speaker

( Amy Boggs's new member's talk before guest speaker) 


SafeSpace Center, Inc is a non-profit based in Menlo Park, established in 2017.  SafeSpace is supported by donations from local supporters, foundation funding, and corporate donations.  SafeSpace serves youth aged 12-25 and has one site in Menlo Park and one shared site in San Mateo.

SafeSpace is dedicated to educate and empower young people to advocate for mental health awareness to peers and families in their community. Over the past two years, SafeSpace has made significant progress  in establishing ourselves as a powerful voice for young people. By supporting youth to engage openly with their local schools, communities, and peers, we promote mental wellbeing, reduced stigma, and solutions to enhance the lives of all young people.