Feb 12, 2020
Aidan McCarty
Bots and foreign interference in US elections

Identity fraud is wreaking havoc on American democracy. Fake accounts on social media are fueling misinformation campaigns both foreign and domestic, making it easier than ever to meddle in our politics. Fake messages are flooding representatives and federal agencies, drowning out the opinions of real Americans. As just one recent example, the FCC received 21.7 million public comments about net neutrality in 2017, but Pew Research found that 94% of them were fake or duplicate. The Justice Department launched a criminal investigation into this last December.


New technology can address these problems by helping individuals verify their identities and take action as verified constituents. These advances promise not only to power a more resilient political system, but to fundamentally change how identity is handled online and offline by putting people in control of their personal information.

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