Mar 03, 2021
Sanja Kulenovic
The Spirit of Sarajevo: A Story of Resilience

The Spirit of Sarajevo: A Story of Resilience

For centuries, Sarajevo was known as a crossroads of cultures -- a peaceful place that valued a variety of religious traditions and ethnic heritages. It was a vibrant capital city that shone on the global stage and even hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. But the rise of nationalism within former Yugoslavia led to a brutal conflict that threatened to wipe away the city’s legacy of openness and tolerance. For nearly four years, Sarajevo was under armed siege--the longest one of any city in the history of modern warfare. When it was finally lifted, Sarajevo was left a broken city marked by crumpled buildings … the scars of mortar shells … and shattered families beset by grief. 

Yet still, somehow,   the spirit of Sarajevo never wavered. This book is a story of life under siege, created from unimaginable misery and degradation. It is a story about resilience and determination, which now, more than 20 years after the siege ended, serves as an example for all of us as we navigate a confused, frightened world of being “under siege” during this pandemic.

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