The Dictionary Giveaway is an annual service project of the Rotary Club of Menlo Park, and part of a District wide project that distributes thousands of books to students in the Bay Area. The club donates a beautiful, hardbound picture dictionary to third grade students in Menlo Park. Rotarians visit local schools to distribute the dictionaries to students in their classroom.

The Dictionary Giveaway allows our club to promote a positive message to young students in an age appropriate manner.

  • Reinforce reading good books as a valuable part of a happy life.

  • Introduce Rotary as an organization that cares about education and students of all ages.

  • Introduce the concept of service, giving back to the community, and helping the needy.

  • Introduce Rotary as a resource for scholarships as they progress through high school, college, and graduate school.

  • Introduce Rotary to help sponsor education in a foreign country, study about peace and global understanding, or to sponsor a work study, professional exchange.

The Dictionary Giveaway is a project where Rotary volunteers get to have fun growing future leaders outside the usual club meeting. It supports our goal to "Make it brief, make it fun, and make it happen!"

Tim Leary, Dictionary Committee