The Belle Haven Community Garden is a service project of Menlo Park Rotary Club. Created in 2015, the garden is community-operated on land owned by the City of Menlo Park at Ivy and Market Streets, a short walk from Belle Haven Elementary school. Local residents may sign up (at no cost) to cultivate garden beds for one year at a time.  Volunteers from the Rotary Club help gardeners with periodic maintenance and repairs, equipment, weed cleanups, and paying the water bill. Master Gardeners provide technical assistance during planting and harvest.
Phase 1 of the Community Garden included the clearing of the land and installation of 25 raised garden beds. The creation of the garden was led by Menlo Park Rotary Club with support from community volunteers, the City of Menlo Park and generous sponsors with Greenheart Land Company being our main contributor.
The garden in February, 2015
Phase 2 added several fruit trees and 10 additional raised beds to the garden. Facebook donated $8,000 to support Phase 2. “At Facebook, we’re committed to supporting our neighbors,” said Lauren Swezey, Facebook’s Sustainability and Community Outreach Manager. “We look forward to participating in Belle Haven’s new community garden and getting to know the families who are involved.”
The Rotary Club has funded various other improvements to the garden in recent years, including a tool shed, security gate, information kiosk, and bench seating. A picnic area is planned in the future— there’s a perfect spot for one under the magnificent oak tree. The garden is an oasis of community agriculture in a rapidly urbanizing region.
“The Rotary Club of Menlo Park has made connecting to the community one of the top priorities for service,” said Glen Rojas, Former Rotary Club President and a key leader of the Belle Haven project.  "Rotary believes that in order to better serve the community, it is imperative that partnerships be established so that resources can be maximized to their fullest."
For more information and to learn how to get involved, contact us.
Entrance on Ivy Street at Market, down the street from Belle Haven School.