Speaker Date Topic
First Wednesdays: TGIW Oct 05, 2022
Jeff Burkhart Oct 12, 2022
Bartending and James Bond

Come for the food, stay for insights into the James Bond drink experience !

Diana Guardado Oct 19, 2022
COVID-19 and the Educational System on Lake Bunyonyi (Uganda)

Last summer, Diana Guardado led a ground-theory research project to assess how COVID-19 impacted the educational system on Lake Bunyonyi. (Uganda) She is in the process of applying for a Fulbright grant to further her research to uncover the intersectionalities education has with the lake's social, geographic, and religious status. 

CaiCai Wu Oct 26, 2022
Journey to America

Come hear CaiCai Wu's incredible story of her journey from farm labor to university to the US. 

First Wednesdays: TGIW Nov 02, 2022
Michael Baker Nov 16, 2022
Impressions from a tour in Ukraine

Michael Baker is a retired admiral and a frequent speaker on international conflict. He recently returned from a tour in Ukraine, and will be joining our club meeting to share his impressions.

NO MEETING - Thanksgiving Break Nov 23, 2022
Aimee Yan Nov 30, 2022
Nutrition and Longevity
Nutrition and Longevity

Come hear Aimee Yan as she reviews the latest research on best practices for a long and healthy life. You'll recognize some of the information but you'll definitely learn a few new things!

Holiday Lunch Dec 14, 2022
NO MEETING - Winter Break Dec 21, 2022
NO MEETING - Winter Break Dec 28, 2022
First Wednesdays: TGIW Feb 01, 2023
First Wednesdays: TGIW Mar 01, 2023

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